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South Sudan is in need of everything to survive. A gift can change attitudes, save lives and inspire everyone in the environment. Thus, we count on your support to our cause.

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Despite the conflict in the Country, South Sudan remains the place to acquire the best humanitarian experience which can take you all over the world. Volunteer or intern with us and save lives and nature, build institutions and future leaders with ERP.

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Donate today and receive results tomorrow. People are dying from bullets, diseases, hunger and violence but your donation could save lives and create lasting impacts.

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For many years Paul Lotabo, from Longeleya village in South Sudan, relied on securing casual work in a nearby town to provide for his wife and two young children. Life was a struggle and the family were often left hungry and surviving on one meal a day. Paul joined a farmers’ group that was setting up. Here he learned how he could start growing vegetables using water from a nearby river.